MaxiCool keeps cool with SAP Business One during growth

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Technology used

SAP Business One

About our client

MaxiCool is a leading wholesaler of climate equipment, primarily serving private individuals and small and medium-sized businesses. The company primarily serves technical installation companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.

MaxiCool and SAP Business One

It is increasingly common to have an air conditioner at home. MaxiCool, a wholesaler of air conditioning equipment, is also noticing this. The hot summers of recent years are pushing the growth of the family business to great heights, but with SAP Business One, the supplier is keeping a cool head.

Challenges & opportunities

  • Old package was way past due and in need of replacement
  • It offered no analysis capabilities and required a lot of manual work, which was error-prone

Why SAP Business One?

  • SAP Business One is already a complete solution at the base with a lot of standardization
  • Amista immediately gave MaxiCool the feeling at the first meeting that things would work out well

Our entire company runs on SAP Busines One. The analytics add the most for me: they show me how things work and give me the information I need to make decisions.

Carlo Postulart, purchasing and sales

The result

The integration of the web shop with SAP has brought significant benefits. First, orders now enter SAP directly, which is a huge time saver and significantly reduces the risk of errors compared to manual work. This has led to a shift in sales channels, with more sales now being made via the website than by phone.

Even during “the busiest week ever” it felt less hectic than during other busy periods, thanks to the automation of the webshop which takes a tremendous amount of work out of our hands.

SAP Business One provides the ability to better manage long lead times because they now have insight and overview of the entire process. The analysis functionalities provide steering information that enables improvements on the purchasing side, allowing them to manage inventory and purchasing more efficiently.

In addition, thanks to serial number scanners linked to their ERP system, they have achieved a lower error rate and better insight into inventory and delivery processes.

In addition, they can now quickly create and print reports and analyses based on historical data in the system.

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