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Technology used

SAP Business One

About our client

HOVMED medical devices is a specialist in medical gas equipment and smoke evacuation systems. The company's mission is to provide the best products and services so that healthcare providers can provide the right care optimally and safely.

Hovmed and SAP Business One

As a specialist in medical gases equipment and diathermy smoke evacuation systems, Hovmed must be flexible and able to deliver quickly. After all, human lives are at stake. With the help of SAP Business One and the excellent service of implementation partner Amista, Hovmed takes on the challenge with confidence.

Challenges & oppportunities

  • The previous accounting system was working properly, but SAP Business One offered the opportunity to bring all processes together in one system

Why SAP Business One?

  • Hovmed saw in SAP Business One the best way to accurately manage inventory and track individual products
  • SAP Business One offers all-in-one and a standard operating procedure that everyone within Hovmed can adhere to
  • In Amista, Hovmed saw the ideal partner: practical, service-oriented and with sincere intentions

SAP Business One is our backbone, the foundation from which we work. If we have questions, Amista always helps us out in a pleasant way so we can get on with what we do best.

Debby Duijs, Co-owner


With a strong focus on quality and efficiency, Hovmed has achieved impressive results thanks to the implementation of SAP Business One.

Meticulous documentation of the quality system in SAP Business One has ensured that Hovmed easily remains ISO-certified.

Thanks to an extremely current and accurate inventory, Hovmed remains economically balanced and can effortlessly deliver quickly.

SAP Business One gives peace of mind in the company and reduces the margin for error. The cooperation with Amista feels like a hit with Hovmed.

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