H&O Equipments brings processes together in SAP Business One

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H&O Equipments


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Technology used

SAP Business One

About our client

H&O Equipments develops and markets high-quality instruments used in cryosurgery. This technology makes use of extreme cold to treat affected body tissue in a non-invasive manner. This technology is applied in diverse fields, such as dermatology, paediatrics, and internal medicine.

H&O Equipments and SAP Business One

H&O Equipments is a leading developer of instruments for cryosurgery, where extreme cold is used in medical treatment.

Its solutions are used in 60 countries in various specialties, such as dermatology, family medicine and internal medicine. To give H&O Equipments more control over its processes, Amista implemented the SAP Business One ERP platform. The company employs 20 people.

Challenges & opportunities

  • Until several years ago, H&O Equipments worked from spreadsheets.
  • Due to the large amount of widespread information, this way of working was no longer manageable
  • The SME company wanted to better link business information and processes.

Why SAP Business One?

  • H&O Equipments chose SAP Business One because it is a reputable name in the market
  • Several employees had worked with SAP Business One before, which facilitated the move
  • Amista has extensive experience with SAP Business One in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors

Because all information is stored and processed centrally and automatically, we maintain a transparent overview.

Philippe Berchmans, Operational Manager


At H&O Equipment, the entire process from request and quotation to purchasing and production is processed in SAP Business One.

During implementation, Amista and H&O Equipments stayed close to the system standard.

With SAP Business One, H&O Equipments can now effortlessly dive deeper into information, such as order history, which significantly increases operational insights.

Processes are now better integrated with more relevant data for inventory management and sales.

Amista guides the implementation of upgrades taking into account the strict medical regulations and validation processes that H&O Equipments must comply with. H&O Equipments has good contact with their two permanent points of contact at Amista. To leverage more of the system’s capabilities, H&O Equipments aims to provide annual refresher training for users, guided by Amista.

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