Everything in one flow at GeKa Coatings with the right ERP system

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GeKa Coatings

Technology used

SAP Business One

About our client

GeKA Coatings is a company specialising in the manufacture of coatings (inks and varnishes).

Geka Coatings and Sap Business One

Geka Coatings switched from being a trading company to a production company. After the transition, the accounting software they were using no longer met their needs. They found a suitable replacement in SAP Business One.

Using SAP Business One

  • It starts with the order intake.
  • Enter the order in SAP on the basis of the items present in SAP.
  • It is then forwarded to the lab and, using the SAP planning wizard, these products are converted into production orders.
  • People in the production lab link a production card to these orders.
  • SAP retrieves that card, along with the raw materials needed for it, from its database.


  • The speed and overview of the work
  • Operational and logistical support is great

Not only the ordering process, but also stock keeping, shipment processing and, of course, accounting are included in this ERP system.

Ronny Vande Walle, Manager

Amista ensures correct follow-up

Amista in a few key words according to Ronny:

  • “Friendly people. I will always remember that.”
  • “Always accessible. This may even be the most important aspect, in this situation.”
  • “Correct follow-up. If they say ‘we are going to do this or that’, you can count on it that they will.”

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