Optimizing Maintenance Operations with SAP FSM at Balta

Balta SAP FSM Amista


Balta Group


St-Baafs-Vijve, Belgium

Technology used

SAP Field Service Management

About our client

Founded in 1964, Balta Group is known as a professional and customer-oriented company that excels in the production of carpets and rugs for residential and commercial use and non-woven textiles. Their products: Sustainable, inspiring and affordable carpets from Balta home, beautiful and soft wall-to-wall carpet from Balta carpets or non-wovens for the construction, geotextile, automotive, printing and exhibition sectors. Since April 2022 Balta Group belongs to Victoria plc.

Optimizing Maintenance Operations with SAP Field Service Management at Balta

For the 6 Belgian plants SAP Plant Maintenance has been implemented (and some other plants under roll-out). Amista implemented SAP Field Service Management (SAP FSM) for all technicians (internal and external), nearly 300 and their number is growing.

All maintenance orders (curative as well as preventive) are created in SAP ERP and are transferred to SAP FSM depending on their status. Once in FSM, they are planned and dispatched by the planners in the different factories. Dispatched orders are pushed to the mobile devices of the technicians including predefined Checklists depending on the type of work.

Technicians can create rush orders themselves on their mobile devices when they encounter problems ‘in the field’. They can then ‘stop’ their current activities on their mobile device, give priority to the rush order, and continue their work after completion. During all that time, the planners see indications of what their technicians are currently doing. Consumption of material is linked with the SAP ERP backbone Materials Management module.


  • Move away from paper-based way working
  • Setting up of best practices for SAP plant maintenance
  • Get a better and more detailed time & cost registration
  • Get a better view on expensive equipment
  • Get more detailed feedback on breakdown interventions
  • Having the documentation and drawings available  on the mobile app


  • User-friendly planning board
  • App for technicians
  • To register time and consume materials
  • Ability to switch between urgent intervention and daily preventive work
  • Integrated with SAP backbone for:
    • Equipments and functional location
    • Stock levels
    • Different service order types
    • Documentation and pictures
SAP FSM at Balta planningbord

Benefits of SAP FSM

  • Better insights, detailed time & cost registration
    • Better view on expensive equipment
    • Analyses on expensive assets
    • Visual and interactive planning board
    • Standardized automated reporting / KPI
    • Live accuracy of stock inventory
  • Digitization and ease of use
    • Easy to forward instructions/safety checklists
    • Easy to attach photos
    • Paperless management is possible
    • No administrative time of warehouse manager
  • Better communication
    • More detailed feedback on breakdown interventions
    • More and better feedback from the field
    • Online feedback from each technician

Impact of solution at Balta

Before SAP FSM

  • Production notices a need for maintenance, email or call to the maintenance team
  • Maintenance responsible creates a work order in SAP
  • The work order is printed and handed over to the technician
  • The technician starts the work: he writes his hours and materials on paper
  • The technician goes to a shared PC to register his hours


  • Notification with mobile app
  • Maintenance responsible approves the service call
  • Planning with drag & drop
  • Access to the relevant documentation
  • Technician starts, hours are automatically sent to SAP

Balta’s lessons learned

  • Standard integration needed to be adapted to work for SAP PM. After the latest releases we were able to remove most of the custom developments
  • Harmonization across plants is important
  • Connectivity in the plant is crucial
    • Attention to stable Wi-fi environment was important investment
    • Stable mobile devices: Balta has chosen Apple iPhone
  • Doubts at operational & management level have led to a slow rollout, but also Covid 19
  • Technical SAP skills required
    • implementation partner Amista with “maintenance & service foundation”
  • User adoption and support is crucial for success

Inspired by this case?

Jimmy Laureys

Managing Partner