Badé chooses for warehouse automation with SAP Business One



Technology used

SAP Business One

About our client

Badé is a family business with years of experience in the Outdoor Living industry, selling products in the field of recreation, outdoor, caravan and camper accessories. The company is distinguished by a wide range of products, fast delivery and good service.

Badé and SAP Business One

Badé has been working with SAP Business One for years and has also housed its logistics in it. However, the workflow on the shop floor is still paper-based, which means that processes in the warehouse do not always run smoothly. Automating these processes directly contributes to fast delivery and good service. Badé asked Amista to advise and support in the automation of its warehouse.

Challenges & opportunities

First, Badé and Planlogic started together with an inventory and description of all processes (from entry to exit) in the warehouse.

We then looked closely at what could be automated per process and how. Once it got clear how the new set-up and layout of the warehouse should be, the implementation started.

They opted for a combination of the standard warehouse module (SAP WMS) in SAP Business One and Produmex Scan. Produmex Scan, a ‘third party’ product, is an extension of SAP WMS to the physical shop floor to register warehouse movements via mobile barcode scanning. As SAP and Produmex integrate seamlessly, there is real-time information (processing).


After the implementation, delivery and service levels at Badé increased significantly. Through integration and real-time information, office practice in SAP Business One and practice on the shop floor are the same.

There is better insight into stock status, items are where they should be and picking is done from the right location. This makes the logistics operation a lot smoother and the logistics team more pleasant to work with.

As a result, Badé can live up to its core values of fast delivery and good service.

Our logistics processes were not always running so smoothly. Planlogic helped us with the right choice of software, hardware and their optimal set-up. As a result, we now have up-to-date insight into stock and stock operations. Orders are handled easier and faster and errors are reduced to a minimum. Our customers and employees are satisfied and we now have a future-proof system.

Sam Bakvis, Owner

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