Turn your SME into an Intelligent Enterprise

Amid the pandemic, SMEs fast-tracked digitization. Amista empowers forward-thinking SMEs with SAP-aligned software for digital transformation.
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Digitisation of SMEs: what is an Intelligent Enterprise?

Never before have companies had so many data at their disposal. They know everything about their customers, their business partners or the tiniest part of their business. But to improve business performance,  companies need to efficiently map this flow of information and use it. Intelligent Enterprises are companies that use their data to improve their competitiveness.

This holistic integration approach from SAP goes far beyond the mere technical integration of applications. The concept integrates new technology (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, chatbots, IoT, etc.) as well as the SME business processes and the information system. In principle, every SME can become an Intelligent Enterprise!

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Digital transformation:

What is our role? Amista provides business software for everything you need to make your digital transformation successful. It is all about getting the available internal and external useful information to the right person at the right time. We take care of that. The result is intelligent automation and a company that is well-geared with the right digital tools to meet any challenge.

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Why turn your SME into an Intelligent Enterprise?

With the right digital vision, companies can optimise their processes, gain strategic insights and create added value for their organisation, employees and customers in various ways.

Below is a list of some advantages of Intelligent Enterprise:

  • You respond faster to market changes with those products and services that your customers need.
  • You will gain insights, make your business processes more effective and increase the efficiency of your company.
  • You give your people new opportunities for improved customer service.
  • You increase the flexibility of your organisation and make sure that your employees are involved.
  • You gain a competitive advantage more quickly.

ERP for SMEs: SAP Business One

Amista and SAP Business One (SAP B1) fully embrace the concept of the Intelligent Enterprise. With our intelligent suite solutions and technologies on a digital platform, we help SMEs become Intelligent Enterprises.

SAP Business One is one of the cutting-edge solutions of Amista, SAP Business One largest partner in the Belux. With this ERP software (Enterprise Resource Management) from Business One, even smaller companies can manage their entire business: from accounting and finance, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer administration and project management to business processes and human resources.

In short, an ERP solution that is perfectly designed for SMEs and connects and streamlines their internal processes.

Discover how SAP Business One provides clear insight into your SME and gives you control over every aspect of your business.

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With technology and expertise, Amista guides your SME through its digitalisation process 100% and for life. We ensure that you are optimally equipped with the right business software to continue to grow, not only today, but tomorrow and in the future.

We help you think about the growth of your company on the path to an Intelligent Enterprise.
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