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Hyper-personalized customer experience with SAP Customer Data Platform

Bring customer engagement to the next level!
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SAP CDP solution

Bring customer engagement to the next level: Hyper-personalized experience with SAP Customer Data Platform (SAP CDP)


One of the biggest challenges for businesses nowadays is to create lasting customer loyalty. This can be achieved with personalized data-driven customer experiences and one-to-one engagement at scale. By doing so, allowing companies to build a way to attract customers effortlessly and keep them coming back for more.

Consumers have unlimited options to choose from and they expect products, services and experiences that make their lives easier, better and more aligned with their values. They expect relevant interactions and seamless services that don’t waste their time. Ultimately, what customers want are hassle-free experiences.

An important lesson learned from the last year’s pandemic situation is that retailers and brands need to digitally adapt, innovate and scale at speeds never experienced before. Today’s consumers are empowered more than ever to engage with only the brands that meet or exceed their expectations.

Securely turn anonymous online visitors into known, loyal customers

Today, SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC) solutions focus on progressively building trusted, digital-first profiles that are managed by the customers themselves. The identity management and consent management solutions provide capabilities that are front-facing and interact directly with customers to build a secure and compliant digital profile.

SAP Customer Data Cloud is providing Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) for B2C and B2B and also Enterprise Consent and Preference Management (ECPM).

SAP customer data solutions
Figure: Key features of Customer Data Cloud

The SAP CIAM for B2C solution has three key features:

  1. Identity Management includes intuitive user registration, allowing customers to make an easy initial engagement using just an email and no password. Registration as a service is an out-of-the-box scalable, responsive forms called screen sets and customizable workflows to capture the identity and profile of the customer. By using social login workflows it increases registrations and simplifies authentication through over 35 social networks.
  2. Access Management allows the implementation of risk-based, multi-factor, bio-metric, and one-time password authentication. It provides global access throughout different sites of the enterprise with global monitoring to discover any unusual account activities in order to protect customers.
  3. Profile Management enables companies to capture and transform structured and unstructured customer data with a fully-indexed dynamic schema into a single unified record for each customer. The data model can be defined according to the needs to the company, and contains basis customer data as name, e-mail, country,… and more specific information like 1st party data. It helps to build rich centralized customer profiles, then transfer or synchronize them with all available digital properties, including third-party applications and services.

SAP CIAM for B2B offers identity lifecycle management of one’s customers and partners. It empowers speedy onboarding of partners, suppliers, and distributors to all digital properties through the use of quick and easy self-registration. This tool meets global data privacy requirements and build customer trust by offering transparency and personal data control.

With the help of SAP Enterprise Consent and Preference Management Solution, customer consent, and preference settings can be managed from one central platform. Preference and Consent Capture use customizable, preconfigured workflows to capture customers’ consent and preferences at each permission-based touchpoint. Consent requests are presented for requirements such as terms of service, e-privacy policies, cookies, and consent marketing communication preferences. This tool ensures to have up-to-date consent and preference data on every customer’s profile.

Unified View of Customer Profiles and Insights to Exceed Customer Expectations

The last years customer experience became the most important key differentiator to businesses around the globe. Market leaders turned to Customer Data Platforms (CDP) to help power unique, personalized experiences building brand awareness and trusted relationships with their customers. Now SAP also offers a CDP solution that offers flawless customer engagement at every touchpoint.

SAP Customer Data Platform is a prebuilt system that centralizes customer data from all sources within an enterprise and then makes this data available to other customer engagement systems, such as marketing solutions, e-commerce platforms, and customer service applications. It enables hyper-personalization with connected cross-channel customer insight.

Of course, SAP CDC is an ideal candidate to feed customer data in SAP Customer Data Platform, as they can automatically import the data model that exists. But SAP CDP can get the customer data from other data sources as well.

High volumes of customer data (profile and interaction data) is collected from different sources, it is processed and shared with other engagement systems in real-time. CDPs are typically used for:

  • Outbound Marketing: segment customers for content
  • Digital advertising: acquisition for audience targeting
  • Customer experience: personalized customer interactions in real-time
  • Analytics and APIs: calculate and predict marketing value clusters

CDPs are beneficial solutions for enterprises with a certain level of maturity. Once an organization has come to understand that the customer exists in many different places and started to solve challenges around unified identity in the digital channels and customer data privacy, they realize they need to evolve to a more holistic view of the customer, for use in many different contexts.

In order to solve the above challenges they can leverage by using a CDP is to eliminate too many data silos of customer data, being compliant with evolving data privacy climate and being able to keep up with exploding variety, velocity, and volume of customer data.

Customer Data Cloud
Figure: Contextual customer profile

An important motivator for customers to choose SAP Customer Data Platform is that this platform is built on a strong data privacy foundation and provides a seamless connection of the front and back office. When it comes to orchestrating customer data in an ecosystem at scale, CDP helps to better understand the purpose of the data (beyond consent and preferences). On top of this, SAP Customer Data Platform is an Enterprise CDP that addresses additional use cases around Commerce, Service, Sales, and physical stores in addition to the digital channel explosion.

An important motivator for customers to choose SAP Customer Data Platform is that this platform is built on a strong data privacy foundation and provides a seamless connection of the front and back office. When it comes to orchestrating customer data in an ecosystem at scale, CDP helps to better understand the purpose of the data (beyond consent and preferences). On top of this, SAP Customer Data Platform is an Enterprise CDP that addresses additional use cases around Commerce, Service, Sales, and physical stores in addition to the digital channel explosion.

Connect application cdp
Figure: Connected applications

Conclusion – Most customers value experience over products

With implementing SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC), it becomes flowless to manage identity, login, consent, and registration on the enterprise websites to build trusted, personalized relationships.

So when it comes to offering seamless, personalized B2C engagements, optimizing B2B value networks, and building trusted customer and partner relationships in the era of GDPR, and beyond; SAP Customer Data Cloud Solution is an excellent tool to cater to these needs.

Building on experience with scale, speed, and volume in SAP CDC, SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP) is offering a truly Enterprise-ready platform that can meet the demands of enterprises that need to collect huge amounts of customers’ data from multiple sources in a secure and scalable way.

SAP CDP provides the tools to simplify as much of this onboarding and activation with no-code interfaces and flexible domain models, dynamic segmentation, KPIs, and audience management. It also provides a core understanding of the purpose of data to protect the customers’ permission for how/when data is used.

Using SAP Customer Data Platform, companies are able to interact with customers at the right time using the right channel. For example, welcome customers, react on negative feedback, inform customers on a late delivery, and so on.

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