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How SAP Enable Now helps SAP S/4HANA customers

SAP offers an e-learning tool called SAP Enable Now, that can assist you during a digital transformation or the implementation of a new S/4HANA system.
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Are you facing a digital transformation or are you planning the implementation of a new S/4HANA system?
Do you want to reach a better user adoption without bumping into resistance from your end-users?

SAP offers an e-learning tool called SAP Enable Now, that can assist you during this transition. With its guided tours, you will not only motivate end-users into learning a new software, but it will also drive independent learning.


Let’s talk about some key advantages of implementing SAP Enable Now in your SAP S/4HANA journey!

Enhance your S/4HANA journey

With the help of SAP Enable Now you will be in the drivers position when it comes to accelerating your S/4HANA journey. SAP Companion, which is part of SAP Enable Now, provides in-application support which will guide you through difficult processes and gives you help at the point of need. It acts as an overlay on top of the SAP S/4HANA application providing immediate help if the user gets stuck in the system.

SAP companion

Features SAP Companion

Where classic e-learnings are mainly focusing on showing the system, the guided tours from SAP Companion stimulates your end-users to train in the S/4HANA system environment directly. The learner will be able to go through the system step by step and in the end the user will have completed difficult steps in the live system. This drives innovation in your change management and guides your end-users along their business processes.

Another advantage from SAP Enable Now concerns the tracking possibilities of the tool, which will provide valuable reports regarding your digital learning. For example, it helps in understanding who is using what type of help for which process and module to optimize it’s enablement. It speaks for itself that these results can be of great value in (re)shaping your learning strategy.

Next to this, SAP companion can be set-up in many different languages. The tool even provides in-application content automatically in the user interface language. This means that if you have your S/4HANA in Spanish, you can see your in-app help in Spanish too.

Cost & time saving

Where a hybrid learning environment is becoming more important, organizations are looking for ways to embed learning in their flow of work. This new concept, where employees integrate their learning into their daily work activities, reduces the hours of training outside business hours. Another advantage of this approach is that this on the job training stimulates learners into lifelong learning.

The shift from classroom training to the blended learning approach, where you combine both classical training and online training, has a positive impact on the user adoption of the learner. Due to this increase in user adoption your end-users will adapt easier and much quicker to the new system with the result that they will be more confident in using SAP  S/4HANA.

SAP Companion can assist you in this hybrid transition. With its guided tours, it stimulates the learner into real-time and constant learning. In addition, it provides a broad range of free standard content and it gives you the chance to adjust them just to fit your learners needs. This provides you with the opportunity to make e-learnings more flexible and tailor made.

Increase employee satisfaction and productivity

Providing snackable content and integrating learning opportunities in the daily routine of learners, will increase their daily productivity and will give them the chance to get the best out of their learning path.

Where many learning journeys are often seen as a standalone process, SAP Enable Now gives your employees the opportunity to embed it in the flow of work. The guided tours will help integrate learning in the daily work activities of your employees by providing them tips and tricks, instant feedback and giving them the chance to train directly in the system. End-users will be better prepared due to a smooth transition into the new system and will feel more confident. This will result in an overall increase in employee satisfaction and learners will feel more motivated.


Make a success out of your digital transformation with the guidance of SAP Enable Now! At Amista, we have a dedicated learning team with experienced consultants who can help your organization deliver exceptional results in the transition to a better user adoption of the SAP S/4HANA software.

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