Intelligent Document Processing

Getting digitalization to solve staff shortages

Digital business processes enable organisations to support their employees more efficiently. As a result, management is happier and employees are more motivated.
Tom Pintens
Tom Pintens
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Reinforcing effect

By using digital tools and processes, companies save time and resources and employees focus on strategic tasks. Centralisation, accessibility and standardisation are the core concepts of digital business processes that enable you to valorise your employees and allow them to focus on what really matters.

Thanks to RecoMatics Smartdoc, we were able to digitise and automate our paper processes. This allowed us to grow much faster as an organisation and to guarantee better customer service.

CEO Jan Van Goethem, CEO ORA Liften

Collaborate and share information

Document management provides the means to find and share information quickly and easily. Companies can store documents and information centrally in a digital archive, making it easy for employees to access the information they need. This leads to greater collaboration between teams and departments. Employees communicate faster and exchange information more easily. Integration with other business software facilitates process automation.

What can Smartdoc do for your company? 

Valorise knowledge

Another advantage of document management is that it can reduce the need for paper documents and manual processes. By using digital tools, companies can automate processes and reduce the time needed to perform manual tasks. This results in increased productivity and efficiency of employees as they have more time to focus on important tasks.

Digital business processes help companies attract and retain talent. After all, employees expect companies to use the latest technologies to support their tasks.

Business benefits of dms and automation

  • Better collaboration and faster decision-making
  • Security and privacy compliance
  • Integration with other digital business processes
  • Increased employee capacity