Boost your plant digital with shopfloor control

On the shopfloor of your plant processes can be optimised digitally.
Jenny Kloezeman

Boost your factory digital with shopfloor control

Within a manufacturing company, several facets are important to achieve a smooth and efficient production process. Organizing these aspects is an art in itself, because you want to fulfill customer promises but also achieve sufficient returns.

A good ERP solution, with powerful production support, is essential within your industry. When you combine this with shopfloor control, you also optimize activities on the shop floor.

The importance of powerful production software

First, let’s zoom in on your digital factory. The production module within your ERP solution takes into account all the factors necessary for a successful production process. First of all, production planning is important. This should bring together various elements such as requirement, available personnel, materials needed, maximum production capacity and efficiency in different operations.

By organizing this tightly, you avoid delays due to undercapacity in any of these elements. This results in the desired speed and timely delivery to the customer. A powerful production solution helps streamline your processes and contributes to your business goals.

Bill of Material and the production process

Within your ERP solution, you must be able to create good Bills of Materials. You must be able to configure these parts lists flexibly so that you can also accommodate complexity around operations, phases, resources, and more. These bills of materials form the basis for the entire production process. A well-designed solution offers advantages in terms of inventory management, production planning, work preparation and progress recording.

The importance of pre- and post-calculations

Parts lists not only provide insight into the production process, but are also important for proper pre-calculation. By properly analyzing the various parts, you can accurately estimate the expected costs. This helps in making informed decisions for sales purposes. Moreover, it also allows you to do an accurate post calculation so that you can use this information for future orders.

Did you know that you can also see the actual production time for your post-calculation with shopfloor control? Because with it, production time is accurately recorded within your ERP solution.

Shopfloor Control; optimizing activities on the shop floor

Shopfloor Control focuses on the execution of production orders on the shop floor. When properly set up, you will benefit from:

  1. Real-time Monitoring: Shopfloor control gives you real-time visibility into the progress of production activities. It includes monitoring employee activities and production output. By analyzing this data, you can react quickly to any deviations and make adjustments. Thus, desired delivery dates are less likely to be jeopardized.
  2. Work order management: Workers can easily access their tasks and see what they need to do, and how to do it. This minimizes errors and increases efficiency.
  3. Quality control: Workers can inspect products and record discrepancies. This helps ensure product quality and reduce waste.
  4. Planning and Scheduling: Production assignments come from your production planning. Assigning tasks, scheduling machine changes and optimizing the production sequence are essential aspects. The results automatically reach the employee so that he or she is always up to date with the tasks to be performed.
  5. Traceability: A production order records both consumption and the final finished product. In the case of items, possibly provided with batch or serial numbers. This makes it possible to trace the origin of materials and products. This allows you to comply with laws and regulations and ensure quality.

In short, shopfloor control is a powerful tool to further streamline your production process, cut costs, reduce risk and increase customer satisfaction.

Webinar – Shopfloor control in the digital factory

During the May 14 webinar, hear how rest and focus on the production floor help strengthen your organization’s strategic goals.

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