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5 things you didn’t know about SAP Enable Now yet

Discover how versatile and ecompassing this software tool is to help you overcome all your online training challenges!
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SAP Enable Now consists of different components, with each a ton of different functionalities and options. This can be quite overwhelming and confusing, but this also means that there are a lot of possibilities.

We will share 5 things you (maybe) didn’t know about Enable Now so far!

1. Learning in the flow of work

A concept that has gained a lot of attention over the last years is learning in the flow of work. This reflects the idea that employees should have access to the right content at the right time. Simply put, it comes down to finding the answer to a question, without disrupting your workflow and productivity. So no more endless browsing through the course catalogue to find one specific topic. This method of learning allows employees to immediately use their new knowledge and heighten their engagement and motivation.

SAP Enable Now offers this kind of learning in the form of the SAP Companion. This component offers in-app help for both web applications, like S/4HANA or SuccessFactors, but also third party applications. It functions as a layer on top of your current screen, to instantly give some additional information about all the screen elements (for example explain what a certain button does or how you can create a new order). This help encompasses a few different modes:

  • Context help: explanation of a certain screen element in the form of text bubbles or hotspots. Another type of context help are link tiles; they provide links to additional material such as documents, video’s, web links, …
Context help
  • Guided tours: step-by-step explanations that guide the learner through a certain process.
Guided tours
  • Learning content: shows related learning content (e-learnings, recordings, …).
Learning content
  • What’s new: shows changes and updates of the web application.


What's new

SAP companion already comes with a lot of standard content, but there is also the option to add customized content, tailored to the needs of the company. A very efficient way for onboarding new staff or keeping the current staff up-to-date, in the flow of work! Want to know more? Check out our other blog post on SAP companion here

2. Light LMS functionalities

Of course, it is possible to export e-learnings from Enable Now and upload them to an external LMS. But did you know that Enable Now has some LMS functionalities already integrated? Let’s have a look at some of these.
One of the most important functions of an LMS is tracking data. In the Manager there are plenty of options when it comes down to tracking. One way is in the form of different reports:

  • User reports: displays users who have accessed your learning content and their overall learning performance (result, progress, attempts, time needed and moment of last access).
  • Lesson reports: display the learning progress by users in specific content.

These reports also allow you to filter different options so you can focus on specific data you are interested in. Afterwards this data can be exported as an .XLS or .CSV file. Next to the reports, you can also get an overview of how many users have accessed the content and which content was mostly consumed, among other things. The Manager also has the ability to assign finalized learning content individually to various different learners or groups and to track their learning progress.

Lastly, it is possible to publish e-learnings via a web link. This link often gets integrated into portals or applications, so learners can easily access and share the learning content. Another big advantage of this way of publishing is that content can constantly be updated in the same link. No need to make new SCORM packages every time!

3. Different kinds of training

Of course Enable Now is the best when it comes to SAP software training. By using recordings, it is very easy to create learning material and show specific transactions in for example SAP Gui or S/4HANA. But besides SAP software training, Enable Now offers the ability to create all kinds of training material.

In Enable Now you not only can you develop training material for SAP solutions, but also for third party applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow, … The SAP Companion, as mentioned before, can be used to add on screen help and to give relevant information. Another option is to make recordings of the third party applications to show for example how to do specific transactions or procedures.

But it definitely doesn’t stop there! What about soft-skill training? This is possible by the use of bookpages. Bookpages offer endless possibilities to create interesting and interactive content, such as animations, bubbles, videos, audio, etc. Want to test your learners knowledge or keep them engaged? You can make quizzes and seamlessly integrate them in your courses. And because variation is key, Enable Now offers different kinds of question types, like multiple choice, connection questions, fill in the blank and sorting questions.

4. No need for excessive amounts of training

Many authoring tools require quite some training before being able to make qualitative and interactive trainings. In Enable Now, this is not necessary because of the Instant Producer.

Instant Producer, one of the components of Enable Now, is a light version of the Producer. It is easy to use and therefore allows Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) or anyone else in your company to create recordings. They just have to start the Instant Producer, start the recording and run through the specific transaction. Instant producer will record this process and automatically split it up in different steps. After the initial recording, the head author can make some improvements to the recordings, for example by adding text bubbles to give instructions. Working this way allows SME’s to share their best practices without losing a lot of time in their workday. Because of their involvement, their engagement will automatically be heightened and they will be more likely to recommend the e-learning to others.

Instant producer SAP Enable Now

5. Endless customization

Anyone who is involved in instructional design will know how important it is to have well designed e-learnings. Colors, fonts, sizes, … all things that can set the tone of your online course. Customization in Enable Now means changing the content and functionalities regarding the identity of a company and the specific needs of the project. This is usually done at the start, before the content creation. Doing this will make sure all the courses are consistent. In Enable Now, almost everything you see can be customized to suit the look and feel of the company. Examples are avatars, icons, logo’s, text fonts and size, animations on bookpages and even the appearance of the manager.

Resources are stored centrally which allows different authors to work in a consistent way. And of course every company goes through a rebranding from time to time. But this doesn’t have to bring a lot of panic and work along with it. In Enable Now, the resources (such as company logos and colors) can be adapted centrally without having to go through every single e-learning ever made.

Standard SAP Avatars and bubbles that can be customized:

Standard SAP avatars and bubbles that can be customized

Book style and trainer bar customization:

Book style and trainer bar customization

In conclusion, SAP Enable Now is a very versatile and encompassing software that will offer solutions to many challenges online training bring today. But there is still so much more to discover about Enable Now!

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