5 reasons to choose SAP Business One

SAP Business One is affordable and user-friendly ERP software for SMEs. It is a complete system covering all core processes in an organisation.
Kristof Depuydt
Consultants at work

1. Reliable: International business software with local partner support

SAP has been the global leader in business software for years. SAP Business One is an international software solution with support from a local partner: the Amista specialists ensure that you keep up with the pace in a rapidly changing world.

2. A powerful ERP tailored to SMEs

SAP Business One is a central ERP platform tailored to the activities of every SME, from purchasing through production to sales and delivery. A lot of things are therefore included by default. Moreover, the costs are also tailor-made for an SME, especially if you know that optimised processes will result in considerable cost savings in the long run

3. Take your business to the next level

SAP Business One gives you better insight and increases your impact. You can install this ERP either on-premise or in the cloud: Amista gives you the right direction before you make a decision. You can also rely on our specialists for successful implementation.

4. Combining ERP with sector-specific solutions

In addition to SAP Business One Amista distributes, supports and develops different sector-specific add-ons (applications) for retail, wholesalers, professional services and project companies that you can perfectly combine with SAP Business One.

5. Responding to changing needs

SAP Business One is a user-friendly ERP system. This ERP is easily adaptable to your changing needs. You can start small and as your business grows, the system grows with you.