Add-Ons for SAP Business One

Discover a range of horizontal add-ons that make SAP Business One an even more useful and intuitive environment to work in.
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Add-Ons for SAP Business One: more functionality and ease of use

Optimal business processes within every company

The experts at Amista help SMEs optimize their business processes. By streamlining business processes with SAP Business One software and certified partner add-ons, these companies work more effectively and efficiently. Employees make fewer mistakes, save time and this benefits the bottom line.

Boyum IT Solutions’ add-ons also help to get even more out of an SAP Business One system. Want to know what business automation brings to your peers?

Uncomplicated work with Boyum IT Solutions

Boyum IT Solutions’ portfolio consists of a series of horizontal add-ons that make SAP Business One an even more useful and intuitive environment to work in.

Whether you want to extend the functionality of your SAP Business One system or simply streamline the user experience. For the maximum flexibility of your system, activate modules from Boyum IT Solutions. In this way, your business automation meets all the specific needs of users within your organization and/or industry.

Add-ons from Boyum IT Solutions for additional functionality of your SAP Business One System:


B1 Print & Delivery

With just one click, format, save, print and email any document type from SAP Business One. To do this, use B1 Print & Delivery, an advanced Crystal Report Integration.

Print & Delivery

B1 Usability Package – B1UP

With the B1 Usability Package (B1UP), you improve the usability, functionality and flexibility of SAP Business One. With it, you adapt your SAP Business One system, without time-consuming customization, to the specific needs of your organization.

Usability Package

CRM for Outlook

With CRM for Outlook, your most important activities in Outlook are synchronized with SAP Business One. This makes daily tasks easier, saves time and makes you work more productively.

CRM for Outlook

Beas Manufacturing 

The industry-specific solution Beas Manufacturing, fully integrated within the structure of SAP Business One. With this advanced manufacturing software, you improve production efficiency.

Advanced Production

Produmex Scan 

An easy-to-implement barcode scanning solution for warehouse workers that automates standard SAP Business One inventory transactions and business flows in real time.

Produmex Scan

Produmex WMS 

An industry solution for managing inbound and outbound logistics functions. It provides, in combination with SAP Business One, all the industry-specific functionality to meet customer, industry and regulatory requirements for logistics service providers.

Produmex WMS

Boyum IT Cloud Apps

Boyum IT Solutions developed a number of role-based cloud applications for SAP Business One.

These applications target specific individuals and their unique business roles.

Professionals work even more pleasantly and efficiently because of these Boyum cloud apps.


Boyum Cloud build helps product development and manufacturing manage specifications and requirements for new products. The progress of relevant development tasks are easy to plan and track with BUILD.

Build cloud app


Boyum Cloud Inspect helps you create consistent quality testing plans. With Inspect, you make better decisions within your quality department and increase productivity.

Inspect cloud app


Boyum Cloud Produce ensures optimal communication between production manager and operators on the shop floor. Real-time insights, digital orders, work instructions and time recording ensure that production capacity is optimized.

Produce cloud app

B1 Usability Package offers you flexibility within a standardized solution!

By customizing and automating SAP Business One with B1UP, you ensure the best user experience. Your employees have immediate access to the information relevant to them through clear dashboards. This prevents unnecessary clicks, errors and saves time.

B1UP replaces the use of expensive programmers or application builders. It offers you flexibility within a standardized solution. B1UP is the Award-winning add-on from Boyum IT Solutions!

Make changes yourself without technical knowledge

B1UP replaces the use of expensive programmers or application builders. This add-on for SAP Business One is very user-friendly. This enables you to make adjustments and build functions yourself, even without technical knowledge.

B1 Usability Package overview video