SAP S/4HANA Asset Management

Every physical asset or piece of equipment in your company requires specific attention to keep it running at peak performance. In addition to that, your sustainability goals can also be impacted. Assets that need to be maintained correctly might also start impacting environmental goals. Therefore, you need a holistic approach to maintenance planning, scheduling, and execution. On top of that, you can combine GIS and spatial business data to create real-time asset visualizations, models, and geospatial workflows.
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S4HANA Asset Management

What is SAP S/4HANA Asset Management?

SAP S/4HANA Asset Management will integrate your assets within your ERP environment. Every physical equipment in your system requires specific attention to keep it running at peak performance. You can tightly integrate maintenance planning, scheduling, and execution processes and maximize uptime. S/4HANA asset management is part of the Intelligent suite and integrates seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA public or private cloud.

Most important benefits of SAP S/4HANA Asset Management

Manage preventive and condition-based maintenance

proactively by enabling remote workers to access, transfer, complete and manage assigned work orders on any device.

Improve safety, environmental impact, and operational results

by executing planned and unplanned maintenance tasks in an efficient manner

Institute geospatially-enabled business processes

to prioritize work, optimize outages, and increase asset reliability with asset spatial enablement

What are the top value drivers for S/4HANA Asset Management?

  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness
  • Improve wrench time
  • Reduce asset maintenance costs
  • Reduce unplanned downtime or outages

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