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Ekowinkel started about 30 years ago as a modest organic supermarket. As the popularity and demand for organic food grew, Ekowinkel expanded to its current two food stores in Dendermonde and Merchtem.

Need for a scalable and flexible POS system

In 2011, Ekowinkel found themselves facing a pressing need for a larger-scale solution. Up to that point, they had been utilizing various software packages, most of which required the manual input and supplementation of Excel sheets. As the inventory and product ranges expanded, coupled with the establishment of a second branch, it became evident that these existing systems were insufficient. The limitations in feature set and capabilities became increasingly apparent, starkly contrasting with their current robust solution.

Several of the previously employed packages were B2B-focused, a mismatch for the client’s specific industry requirements. Notably, the integration of weighing scales and weighing PVF (Potatoes Vegetables Fruit) for precise price determination at the checkout proved unattainable within those systems. Even minor adjustments to accommodate evolving needs proved to be labor-intensive and incurred additional costs.

The time saved by no longer having to enter everything manually is enormous.

Philip Vanden Abeele, shareholder

All data in one POS software package

In RetailPack, Ekowinkel found the POS (Point of Sales) their business demands. It forms the ideal link between both points of sale, the four cash registers, the back office and the warehouse. Throughout the entire process of a product being sold at their premises, they can blindly rely on RetailPack.

Upon delivery of the products, all data are scanned and loaded into the system.

The purchase price, sales margin, data and due dates are contained in one clear software package.

Human error is reduced to a minimum. The entire process is flawless all the way to checkout.

Insight into customer data

The inclusion of loyalty cards also proved to be a useful feature of retailpack. After all, these contain a wealth of information about product preferences, buying behavior and customer data.

Award points system that grants discounts and acts as a loyalty card.

Make analyses of the best and least sold goods and apply promotions accordingly.

Convert email addresses to Mailchimp to inform customers of upcoming promotions or important announcements.

By looking at customer data, Ekowinkel learned that 85 to 90% of the customers visiting the store in Dendermonde come from the surrounding municipalities. This was the deciding factor for a move to a larger and more suitable location outside the busy center, where there is ample parking.

Work more efficiently thanks to retail software

Switching to RetailPack made Ekowinkel more efficient in many ways. The time they save by no longer having to enter everything manually is enormous. The cooperation with Amista is also particularly smooth. When questions arise, they get an answer almost immediately within office hours. If something goes wrong somewhere, it is quickly resolved. During the start-up and integration of RetailPack they all received thorough training in order to be able to work smoothly with the system.

Due to the small scale of Ekowinkel, they have not even been able to use the full potential of RetailPack yet. They could, for example, also have their internal employees’ working hours entered through the POS system. To conclude, the possibilities are endless with RetailPack.

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