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Colas Belgium

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RecoMatics Document Suite

About our client

Since 1988, Colas Belgium has been part of the Colas Group, a world leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructures. Colas Belgium's activities focus on urban planning, construction and maintenance of road, railway, airport, port, industrial and logistics infrastructures.

Digital Invoice Processing for Colas Belgium

Colas Belgium is a leading company in the construction sector, specializing in road construction, maintenance, and infrastructure projects. With a substantial volume of invoices and credit notes to process annually, Colas Belgium sought a solution to digitize their invoicing system, streamline operations, and enhance accessibility to invoice information. Additionally, they aimed to integrate their financial system, first CODA and later JD Edwards ERP, and establish a connection with the Jocari backend system for efficient invoice and delivery note matching.

Challenges & opportunities

Colas Belgium faced several challenges in their invoicing process. Firstly, the manual handling of invoices and credit notes led to time-consuming and error-prone data entry tasks.

Additionally, site managers lacked a convenient method to access and review invoices digitally. The lack of integration between the financial system and the backend system resulted in inefficiencies and increased the risk of discrepancies between invoices and delivery notes.

Why RecoMatics Document Suite?

Amista’s solution enabled Colas Belgium to digitize their invoicing process, streamline operations, and enhance accessibility to invoice information.

By automating the invoice handling, integrating with CODA and Jocari, and providing a secure digital archive, the solution improved efficiency, reduced errors, and established a seamless workflow between systems.

With Amista’s cloud-based solution, Colas Belgium experienced the benefits of scalability and flexibility, paving the way for potential future rollout in other countries and entities within the Colas Group.

We have very happy employees, much faster invoice processing, and faster payment to our suppliers. Colas’ uniformity across countries is a big plus. It’s a great cooperation! The team provides reliable support and can adapt to our growth needs.

Philippe Claeys – CFO Colas Belgium

The Solution

Amista proposed a comprehensive solution to meet Colas Belgium’s requirements and overcome their challenges. The solution encompassed the following key components:


  1. Invoice Digitalization: Our advanced technology facilitated the scanning, recognition, and digitalization of purchase invoices. By automating this process, the solution eliminated manual data entry and minimized errors, ensuring accurate and efficient invoice processing.
  1. Secure Digital Archive: Amista implemented a secure digital archive, providing Colas Belgium with a centralized repository for storing and accessing digital invoices. This digital archive enabled quick retrieval, ensuring easy auditability, reference, and legal compliance.
  1. Seamless Integration with CODA and JD Edwards ERP: Amista developed a seamless integration between the digitalization solution and Colas Belgium’s financial system, currently JD Edwards ERP. This integration enabled direct import of digital invoices into JD Edwards ERP, simplifying the booking process and reducing the risk of payment errors.
  1. Interface with Jocari: We established an XML-based interface with Jocari, the backend system responsible for generating delivery notes. This interface facilitated the exchange of data between the digitalization system and Jocari, ensuring accurate matching of invoices with the corresponding delivery notes.
  1. Cloud-Based Solution: Amista deployed the solution in their secure and scalable cloud environment. This cloud-based approach provided Colas Belgium with flexibility, easy access, and the potential for future expansions, enabling the solution to accommodate their growing needs.
  1. Amista is responsible for sending their outgoing invoices via Peppol or email.

Outgoing e-invoices via Peppol


  • Outgoing e-invoice Cloud platform
  • Multiple Colas legal entities in different countries can use it
  • Uniform interface between Colas and the outgoing invoices platform​


Outgoing invoices are interfaced via xml: Colas sends an xml, and we send feedback via multiple xml files to Colas. Feedback may indicate that their XML is missing data.

Moreover, we provide feedback about where the invoice is located in the Peppol network. This includes receipt, rejection, acceptance, and payment feedback. Mail is also classified as sent and delivered to the customer based on its status.

This way, Colas can see exactly where their invoice is in the application at any given moment.

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