Production companies & Manufacturing

Whether you are discrete, project, order or stock-driven. You need to be alert at all times. Ready to deliver quickly and provide the right service at any time. Chain integration and chain management are your keys to success!

Tailor-made solutions for production companies & the manufacturing industry

Chain integration and chain control are the keys to success within manufacturing companies. With SAP Business One, the SME ERP for Production Companies and the Manufacturing Industry, you streamline business processes so that you can always deliver quickly and keep a grip on costs.

We know the challenges within the manufacturing industry

  • Poor visibility of stock
  • Failure to utilise machinery efficiently
  • Complex requests from customers
  • Long delivery times from suppliers and subcontractors
  • Scheduling of assembly and semi-finished products

SAP Business One for manufacturing companies

Whether you produce in series or operate customer order-driven, SAP’s powerful software gives you a fully integrated system for the enterprise. Your users have direct visibility of the production lines where resources (people and machines) are captured and managed.

Within manufacturing companies, the software helps determine capacity, manage bills of materials and generate production orders.

Financial integration

With SAP Business One, all business processes are fully integrated with your accounting. The system provides a complete set of tools to manage and streamline your financial activities.

There is always full insight into the production environment. Advanced analytics and dashboards come as standard in SAP Business One.

More about SAP Business One

Project management: the crucial factor for manufacturing companies

Within the manufacturing industry, it is a requirement to meticulously coordinate bills of materials, production and delivery of semi-finished products. This requires detailed and correct project planning.

To maintain your market position, nothing should stand in the way of on-time assembly. Monitoring budgets, lead times and delivery times are therefore crucial for project control.

Insight into processes and stock, fast and flexible action

Purchasing and inventory control are key elements in your process. If you want to stand out within the manufacturing industry, you need to be fast, flexible and innovative.

For this, you need insight into your processes and inventory. With SAP Business One, you have real-time insight into costs, inventories, planned work and order status. Precisely this information helps you stay ahead in your industry.

Standard features in SAP Business One for the manufacturing industry


Material Requirements Planning – MRP

With the powerful material requirement planning in SAP Business One, you plan the production or procurement of items based on a variety of selection criteria. This forecasting function efficiently predicts your demand for a particular item. This eliminates the need to maintain high stock levels.

You can run planning scenarios for an article series or article groups. Numerous detail options allow you to view calculations and various visual queries. This allows you to immediately see which order(s) need to be executed urgently.


Production orders

Your planners can create production orders and purchase orders automatically in SAP Business One. Converting a production order into a purchase order thus happens immediately when a customer order is confirmed.

As parts lists are linked in SAP Business One, the required resources are automatically calculated and listed on the production order.

Several purchase orders for the same supplier are merged into one order. This also streamlines your procurement process from start to finish.


Parts lists

Your parts list shows material, labour and machine hours to realise your production order. You will always find the parts, sub-parts and raw materials needed to assemble a finished product or article.

For complex articles, parts lists consist of several levels so that individual parts lists are also available for parts.


Master data per article

With this functionality, you define stock items from production or procurement, or resources that cannot be kept in stock (such as labour, travel and fixed assets).

It is also possible to manage standard information about an item: its supplier, unit of measure for purchase and sale, tax status and more. Stock items can also be stored in multiple warehouses.


Stock and distribution

With SAP Business One’s inventory functions, you accurately manage incoming and outgoing deliveries, master data per item and price lists.

You can also define alternative items, adjust stock numbers, revalue stock costs based on current market values, perform periodic counts and create pick lists for open customer orders.

SAP Business One expansion with Beas Manufacturing and Boyum IT

When a supply chain becomes more complex, smart technology offers a solution.

Manufacturing companies combine SAP Business One with Beas Manufacturing to simplify complex processes.

Boyum IT is an SAP Business One add-on partner. With almost 9,000 customers, and more than 200,000 users per day, the company is considered one of the leading SAP Business One add-on partners.

Within the manufacturing industry, SAP Business One is therefore frequently combined with Boyum IT’s solutions.

Add-ons from Boyum IT for even more functionality of your SAP Business One System

B1 Print & Delivery

With just one click, format, save, print and e-mail any document type from SAP Business One. For this, you use B1 Print & Delivery, an advanced Crystal Report Integration.

B1 Usability Package – B1UP

With the B1 Usability Package (B1UP), you improve the user-friendliness, functionality and flexibility of SAP Business One. It allows you to adapt your SAP Business One system to the specific needs of your organisation without time-consuming customisation.

CRM for Outlook

With CRM for Outlook, your most important activities in Outlook are synchronised with SAP Business One. It makes daily tasks easier, saves time and makes you work more productively.

Beas Manufacturing

The industry-specific solution Beas Manufacturing, fully integrated within the structure of SAP Business One. With this advanced manufacturing software, you improve production efficiency.

Produmex Scan

An easy-to-implement barcode scanning solution for warehouse staff that automates standard SAP Business One inventory transactions and business flows in real time.

Produmex WMS

An industry solution for managing inbound and outbound logistics functions. It provides, in combination with SAP Business One, all industry-specific functionality to meet customer, industry and regulatory requirements for logistics service providers.

Boyum IT Cloud Apps: Build

Boyum Cloud build helps product development and manufacturing manage specifications and requirements for new products. The progress of relevant development tasks are easy to plan and track with BUILD.

Boyum IT Cloud Apps: Inspect

Boyum Cloud Inspect helps you create consistent quality test plans. With Inspect, you make better decisions within your quality department and increase productivity.

Boyum IT Cloud Apps: Produce

Boyum Cloud Produce ensures optimal communication between production manager and operators on the shopfloor. Real-time insights, digital orders, work instructions and time recording ensure that production capacity is optimised.

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